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Welcome to Tajdaar-e-Madina Masjid in Leicester Website.

Tajdaar-e-Madina was founded in January of 2005. The Foundation is a non-profit organization setup exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. The purpose of the organization is to further the teachings of Muhammed (sallah Allahu ‘alayhee wasalim), and to practice the religion of Islam.

Construction of the Mosque was started in 2008 and was completed during November of 2009. It is located at Leicester Maidstone Road,1A Garendon Street, Leicester – LE2 0AH. Charity No: 1131103

Maulana –  Imam Khalid

Members of the Committee

Chairman – Muhammed Farook Aziz

Vice Chairman – Mohamed Faruk Patel (Taja)
Secretary – Shiraz Sacranie
Committee Members – Rafik Jussab, Osman Chachia

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